Sports Day 2015

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The big day has arrived! Key Stage 2 will begin their afternoon of sports at 1:15pm. We hope to see you there! Keep up to date by following our twitter account: @4blowerplace

sports day

Oscar and Alphonse

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I observe that a girl is glaring at the caterpillars which are spelling out ‘goodbye’. I also observe that they are in a forest or the woods in the summer, autumn or spring. The girl is waring a uniform with a skirt and a t-shirt. I think she is in the United Kingdom in a forest not too far from her house.

I wonder if she has any friends. Why is she in the forest? What is she going to do with the caterpillars? Why are the caterpillars spelling out ‘goodbye’? Why does she have the caterpillars in the first place? Where did she find them? How did she find them?

Wow Starter – Anglo Saxons

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Tales From AngloSaxons from Asma Bi on Vimeo.

Saint GEORGE by JAKE!!!

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Saint George is a brave night with a shiney helmet he always protected others.  He had a magnificent chest plate and a rock hard shield. His legs stood up like a general ready for battle. He fought for England with his mighty sword.

He always deafeted dragons as the sun shined at the look of victory on Saint George’s  blood red   armour.  He became a famous Knight.

That Is why we have we have  SAINT GEORGE’S  DAY.


Who is st George? [description]

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St George is a man who Is very adventurous and ambitious.And Today it is ST GEORGE’S DAY!

St George was a patron saint of England.His emblem was,a Red Cross on a white background and he had knights armoury.He went on many exhilarating adventures and hikes with his loyal and trustworthy friends.

He is the most loving and intelligent man in the loyal family.He was a brave and valiant man who once went on a adventure to kill the most blood-curdling dragon in eternity.NOW this is when the story gets really interesting.

Once St George was riding on his horse waiting patiently for the next or maybe final adventure awaiting for him.

After hours of waiting…

St George was as straight as a log when he was sleeping on the long swaying grass but then he heard a BANG! that made him jump. He stood up.

As he turned the corner he then saw something spine-chilling…

St.George’s day.

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St George ‘s day is when you create your own knight with ideas. St George was a brave valiant knight. His raven black hair showed his bravery,and compassionate to others. His dark,and gloomy eyes made him look like he has a beast trapped inside. His worthy and most valuable horse on his side he can go slay the fire breathing , blood boiling dragon his last words were wish me look .

Roads end setting description- Kyzer

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The uneasy, eerie man entered the car. As they got further down the road, the sun began its descend. The scorching sun was now replaced by a full moon. Thunder clouds began to gather. The trees swayed in the powerful winds, Wolves howled to the full moon and the stench of rotten flesh hung around in the air. An unwelcoming presence was coming from the man. The wind sang through the trees like a chorus of children. Thunder clashed like a giant symbol in the sky. Strong rains poured down like the powerful waterfalls of the amazon. It was the perfect setting for the stranger’s plan. He smirked to himself in anticipated pleasure at what was about to happen next…

Saint George’s day- Emily C

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Saint Georges long,crow black hair swayed in the howling wind. Why was victory so easy? Why did he have so many battles? Was this all an act? His emerald,green cape trailed behind him swiftly.The war cries began over and over. His diamond tip spear,which was endless  and trustworthy,had never let George down.His snowy,white horse led George to a nail biting dragon! George was to mighty to be defeated.The dragon was now looming over him like a threatening thunder cloud.Without hesitation,George had chopped the head off of the thundering dragon.His silver,glorious armour glittered in the moonlight of a thousand stars.To celebrate Saint George threw a party for his village.Suddenly a buzz of excitement spread through the room there were many adventures to come…BANG!


St George’s day-by Denise

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At the deserted village stood St George waiting to slay the dragon. His hair was raven black like the night. As the sun hit St George’s   eyes  the dragon came charging down. The dragon’s body was as red as St George’s cape.  As the sun hit the dragon’s eerie, blood red eyes it weakened and fell to the ground. Just at the moment St  George and  his white horse surrounded the dragon whilst the dragon was trying to wriggle out of the tiny space that it had…

Mystery Stories – Road’s End

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Road's End- A Short by Bri Meyer from Bri Meyer on Vimeo.